Sponsorship of ultra-bio apple trees

Sponsorship of ultra-bio apple trees
The Orchard-Museum “Aux enfants de la terre”, a veritable plant heritage located in an area protected from all pesticides, is home to more than one hundred apple trees. The seeds of our 50 varieties of old apples from the Greater South West region come from the Regional Conservatory of Aquitaine. Open to the public, the Orchard-Museum caters to both amateurs of heritage and regional know-how and also to residents who simply want to appropriate their territory. Coming from a family of artisans, the owner of the place grew up in a rural environment, with simple and deeply earthy values, values ​​that he continues to transmit to his own children and around which he wishes to federate the greatest number.
After 18 months of rehabilitating the place, we are currently working to preserve the Orchard-Museum and perpetuate this place of regional attractiveness and to offer amateurs, the possibility to have access to apples and nectars of Ultra-organic apple made entirely on site and 100% natural. There is no apple press in the area, hence the launch, in the first place, of this fundraising via sponsorship, to allow the acquisition of a press with integrated grinder and sterilizer. Your donations will allow us to preserve this Orchard-Museum and we will also be able to share the use of this press with other farmers who share our values ​​and continue to maintain the Orchard-Museum in an environmentally responsible way. Because sustainably manage the site is mainly to ensure the safeguarding of these 50 varieties of apples : 1 – stem cells, unhybridized 2 – no pesticide 3 – soft waist Each sponsor appropriates part of the orchard, by sponsoring 1 or more apple trees for a year. You will receive news of your referrals at regular intervals according to the rhythm of the seasons and can come on site to attend the size, the harvest, the pressing etc. There will be many opportunities to visit the site and the region. To be noted : On average 2 to 2,5  kilos of apples = 1 liter of apple juice
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For 100 euros or more
12 bottles of ultra bio apple juice + 1 extended family pass
Twelve bottles of apple juice to be collected on site plus an extended family pass (15 people) to visit the site. This pass gives access to the site visit for various activities : Ornithological observation panel, boat trip on the lake populated by ducks, walks in the orchard and meadow or Meeting with the herd of aurochs and ewes. On top you will get  20% off on all our accommodations.  Delivery: To be picked up on site or shipment on demand with additional cost.

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For  250 € or more
Apple sponsorship and dedicated harvest of apples or nectar
You are godfather of an apple tree for 1 year. The harvest belongs to you, and the apple tree bears your name. You harvest the apples on the spot, or leave with your bottles of apple juice. 2 possible options: – harvest on the spot 150Kg guaranteed of ultra organic apples – recover on the spot 50L of apple juice ultra organic. To this is added 30% discount on the price of the accommodations for your stays on the domain as well as 1 family pass to visit the area at your convenience. Delivery: To be picked up on site or shipment on demand with additional cost