Our history

Our history


Ideally located 20min away from the center of Bordeaux at the edge of the cycle path that connects Bordeaux to Agen, Belloc Castle more commonly known as “La Ferme de Belloc”, consists of a main building of the Renaissance dated from 1670, surrounded by 3000 hectares of forest.

The estate is spread over more than 20 hectares where aurochs, ewes, cormorants, ducks, beehives, and other animals live side by side. In a setting consisting of a meadow, a wood and two lakes suitable for fishing, are also an old canning of 1000 m², a barn and a guest house. The former owner has, since the mid-1970s, grown and maintained fruits and vegetables that we do not find elsewhere. Thus we find on the site more than 200 loquat, pumpkin or cucurbitaceae but especially more than 100 apple trees including 50 varieties of old apples from the Great South West (dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries). The seeds of apple trees all come from the Regional Conservatory of Aquitaine in Montesquieu.

This Orchard-Museum planted more than 25 years ago does not count hybridized trees; which means that all the fruits come from parent tree cells which means they retain their forms and sometimes atypical colors, unique in the region.

It should also be noted that no treatment is given to vegetables and fruit trees on our site. Because we provide no treatment at all, we can talk here not only organic but ultra organic agriculture. Organic can come from hybrid seeds F1, F2 … and bio does not  mean there are no pesticides! As an example in traditional organic culture It is allowed to use cicapyr which kills bees and mitaxion which has toxicological effects…

The project “Aux Enfants De La Terre” – which means to the children of the earth –  is benefiting from this wonderful ultra organic history and enhance the concept towards eco-friendly tourism development

We offer you the possibility of staying on site in unusual housing (tree houses, yurts in the ground, cottage or rooms homestay in the castle farm …). You can enjoy a unique experience with daytime activities to choose from: fishing in private lakes, harvest of fruits and vegetables ultra-bio, walks in the woods, meditate or boating on the lake.

You will also be able to build your meals from all the resources available on the site (seasonal vegetables, seasonal fruits, fish …).

The wood-metal-glass sculpture workshop opens its doors to you, for the pleasure of watching the artists create their pieces or to indulge yourself in the sculpture under the watchful eye of the artists and craftsmen who will be able to give you advices and recommendations.

A gym adjoins the workshop and welcomes you to practice boxing or yoga according to the schedule.