Feed the soul and the body, through knowledge (reading, knowledge) eating well (organic, ultra organic, understanding what the earth offers us), body wellness (body care and sport), and creation (sculpture, music, theater, oral expression).

Welcome to Aux Enfants De La Terre

In the heart of the Entre-deux-Mers in Aquitaine, between Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, “Aux Enfants De La Terre” welcomes you to Sadirac, a village of pottery tradition from which the house “La Maison de la Poterie” just a stone’s throw from the estate.

Our site is protected from all pesticides, and unlike organic products, the fruits and vegetables grown here do not undergo any treatment, so our products are called “ultra organic”. “Ultra organic” is an avant-garde method of cultivation that favors the strict use of insects to trap pests. The orchard has over hundred apple trees, with more than 50 varieties of ultra organic apples.

The exceptional situation of the domain as well as the access to 2 private lakes populated by fish, ducks, and many more animals offer you a single way to the dolce farniente listening to the song of the birds.


3 new baby Aurochs were borned last week…We now have 13 animals in the tribe!

We offer you a unique experience on site you will not forget