Health through food and plants

Health through food and plants

Who still remembers today “the sea buckthorn”, the “egg plant”, the “chayote” or the taste of “l’arroche”, the “borage”, the “Jerusalem artichokes”, the ” yellow pastries “or other squash?

The old vegetables are much more numerous than we can imagine. The fruits, vegetables and plants of yesterday are a real challenge, both in terms of biodiversity and genetic heritage, gastronomic curiosity, aesthetics, nutritional balance, public health, respect for the environment or still of historical culture.

They are well adapted to the constraints of organic farming and to all our new farming practices. This is why, today, many organic farmers, but also many gardeners amateurs are concerned about their health and the respect of their garden, take care to cultivate, develop and make better known these “fruits, plants and old vegetables “.

Nutritionists, naturopaths and other renowned doctors, such as Dr. Laurent le Chevalier, agree that these plants were essential to our health and our balanced diet. Because each of them has a real specificity, they bring us many antioxidants and they provide us with the nutrients essential to our good balance. Moreover, to varying degrees, they are part of the history of our evolution …

Faced with recent trends in vegetarian fashion or even vegan practices, they are more than a trend phenomenon: they are an answer to the challenges of global warming, as it is defined today. Because it is necessary to spend a lot less calories, to produce Jerusalem artichokes or wild nettles, than to raise a calf or a battery pork!

I leave you with my friend Jacques Anthonin, baker, scientist and speaker who through his video plus 2 hours can give you more explanation on the benefits of live food, and how to learn to feed his soul. – Video in french…